System Recommendations and Requirements

Important Information: The notification of completion does not qualify as a required document for BACB purposes. To request a document for the BACB, please visit after you have completed this quiz and submit the form. There is no charge for the APF RBT Certificate.

System Recommendations and Requirements

  • Most Windows or Mac desktop and laptop computer environments will work well for the free 40-hour RBT Training. We recommend you do not have any pop-up or ad preventing plugins installed on your browser. Additionally, we recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Chromebooks: The Chrome operating system (different from a chrome browser) is not a recommended operating system for the course. Some areas of the learning management system require Java, and Chromebooks do not support the use of Java. If you use a Chromebook, please be sure you also have access to a Mac or Windows computer so you can fully participate in your course. Some lesson components will not work on a Chromebook.
  • Online courses were designed for the desktop or laptop environment, mobile devices are not supported. Please do not use a tablet or mobile device, including an iPad or smartphone to use complete the course. These devices are not supported.
  • Having multiple browser tabs open can result in data loss. When you are participating in the course, it is advised that you are interacting with the video content and not being distracted by external influences. Once you are finished with the lesson, do not leave your tab open, instead log off and sign back in when you are ready to pick up on your content.
  • Please ensure you are only logged into your account on one device. Logging into your account on multiple devices while completing the training can result in data loss, freezing, and restarting.
  • Download speeds of 20 Mbps or higher are recommended. Using mobile data or slower speeds are likely to result in data loss, freezing, and restarting.

Supported features:

  • Fast-forwarding and rewinding are not a supported feature.
  • We are unable to save your spot within a video. As such, clicking “RESUME” under the My Account page will take you module you left off on, but not your spot within a video. We have provided the duration of the video in each module description to ensure you don’t start a video without being able to finish it in one sitting.
  • Users are required to score 80% or above on quizzes prior to the system unlocking the next module.
  • Up and down arrow keys on the keyboard are used as hotkeys for volume control. To adjust the volume on the videos please press play and use the up and down arrow keys.

Flagged accounts:

Per BACB standards, the requirement is that you have at least 40 hours of training to become eligible to sit for the RBT exam (see

Our system provides timestamps for your activity during the training. If those timestamps indicate that the course may not have been completed as designed, violating our Terms & Conditions ( and the BACB’s training requirements we will not provide you with a certificate of completion.

Please keep in mind RBT candidates are governed by the RBT Code of Ethics (see Failure to complete the training as designed to obtain 40 hours of training could result in contacting the person who is responsible for your supervision and/or contacting the BACB for a potential ethics violation.


Terms & Conditions

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