Supervision Workshop | 8 Hour



This training was developed for qualified professionals interested in providing ongoing supervision for RBTs and BCaBAs, overseeing the fieldwork experience for individuals acquiring BCBA and BCaBA certification, or anyone interested in developing their skills as a supervisor. This training is designed to meet the 8-hour supervision training based on the Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (2.0), covering topics such as preparing for supervision, tracking progress, and developing a supervisory relationship. This training also covers topics and resources beyond the curriculum that the creators of this training found beneficial to maximizing the supervision experience.

Supervisors who oversee the work of (a) individuals acquiring fieldwork (i.e., experience) for BCBA or BCaBA certification and (b) current BCaBA or RBT certificants who are required to have ongoing supervision must complete an 8–hour supervision training based on the Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (2.0) before providing supervision. The curriculum outline is comprised of the learning objectives, tasks, and considerations needed to create an effective supervisory relationship. This training may be provided by any Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Providers or Verified Course Sequences.

This training program is based on the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (2.0) but is offered independent of the BACB.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose of supervision.
  • Learn steps to prepare for effective supervision.
  • Identify behaviors to evaluate during supervision.
  • Contact topics and resources beyond the Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (2.0).
  • Identify and problem solve through ineffective supervision.
  • Identify ways to expand repertoire as a Supervisor


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