Gregory Hanley, PH.D. – Functional Analysis – 2 Hour CEU



Effective Treatment Process for Problem Behavior and Stereotypy Associated with Autism. 

Filmed in 2019

Abstract: Although a diagnosis of autism is not dependent on problem behaviors like meltdowns, self-injury, or aggression, or chronic and interfering stereotypy, one or more of these types of problems will likely require address at some point in the life span of a person diagnosed with autism. There is strong evidence supporting behavioral intervention to address these problem behaviors, but improvements are often temporary, resulting in highly restricted lifestyles dictated by these problem behavior eventually becoming the norm for many families of persons with autism. A meaningful solution for addressing problem behavior of persons with autism has, however, recently been advanced and will be described in this presentation. The process involves quickly and safely understanding the factors motivating these problem behaviors and then using this information to develop a particular social skills repertoire under the same conditions in which problem behavior was learned. The process yields an intervention capable of eliminating problem behavior when carried out by relevant people in relevant contexts over extended periods of time.

Learning Objectives:

(1) The attendee should be able to describe why the practical functional assessment process, one consisting of an open-ended interview and a test-control analysis that is informed from that interview, is a safer, faster, and ultimately more effective process than traditional functional assessment processes.

(2) The attendee should be able to describe the critical skills that need to be progressively taught and the schedules used to maintain the skills in order to prevent the recovery of problem behavior or interfering stereotypy when behavioral intervention is being evaluated and then transferred to relevant people in relevant contexts.


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