APF International Conference 2020 | Day One | 7.5 Hour



Day one of the Autism Partnership Foundation’s 2020 International On Demand Conference explores the latest trends in the fields of ASD and ABA. Panelists, including parents of individuals diagnosed with ASD and adults diagnosed with ASD, will share their unique experiences and perspectives. This conference offers one of the biggest multi-national platforms for academics, researchers, special education teachers, doctors, and parents to learn about how the Autism Partnership Method (APM) maximizes progress and results in meaningful outcomes for children diagnosed with ASD.


  • Understand the Autism Partnership Method from multiple perspectives
  • Contact current findings and research on effective treatment
  • Acquire insights and knowledge from experts
  • Breaking the Language Barrier – 6 languages
  • Real Life Experiences from ASD Individuals and Families
  • Connecting Professionals – BCBA CEUs Available


  • Autism Partnership Method: Evolution and the Future | Dr. Ronald Leaf
  • Following the Science: Helping Parents Separate Fact from Fiction in Autism Treatment | Dr. John McEachin
  • The Autism Partnership Method: Recent Advancements in Research | Dr. Justin Leaf
  • Components of APM Staff Training | Ms. Leticia Palos-Rafuse
  • Counseling Services for the ASD Community |Ms. Marlene Driscoll
  • Case studies of children using APM |Mr. Toby Mountjoy
  • Professional Panel Discussion | Dr. Ronald Leaf, Dr. John McEachin, Dr. Justin Leaf, Ms. Leticia Palos-Rafuse, Ms. Marlene Driscoll, Mr. Toby Mountjoy and Ms. Lorri Shealy Unumb, Esq.
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