Florence DiGennaro Reed Ph.D.- ABCs of Staff Support – 1 Hour Supervision



ABCs of Staff Support: Evidence-based Performance Management (SUPERVISION)

Filmed in 2017

Abstract: Performance management involves the application of behavioral principles to manage the performance of staff. Despite serving as effective change agents for clients, behavior analysts often struggle with motivating and supporting the staff they supervise. This presentation will propose a three-term model for targeting staff behavior, describe evidence-based performance management procedures, and share experimental data and case studies supporting the effectiveness of a behavior analytic approach to staff training and professional development.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The participant will be able to describe why targeting staff performance is important.
  2. The participant will be able to identify and describe the components of behavioral skills training and an evidence-based approach to performance management of staff.
  3. The participant will be able to discuss results of studies evaluating the components of behavioral skills training.

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