Autism & ABA: An Autistic Perspective | Learning | 1 Hour



Autism & ABA: An Autistic Perspective

Recorded in 2023


For over 50 years, intervention methods informed by the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) have been empirically researched and clinically implemented with autistics/individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Recently, some autism rights and neurodiversity activists that have expressed concerns with ABA-based interventions. Some of these concerns have related to ensuring we are listening and including autistics/individuals diagnosed with ASD in our clinical decisions and research. In this panel, we will have the opportunity to hear directly from several autistic adults. The purpose of this panel is to provide an outlet for the members of the panel to (a) provide their own unique perspectives on autism, (b) provide their perspective on behavioral intervention, (c) provide their perspective on recent anti-ABA sentiments, and (d) suggest ways that behavior analysts can improve their clinical practice.

Learning Objectives
The audience will identify three ways to improve upon social validity within clinical practice.
The audience will identify three ways that they can approach behavioral intervention from a place of compassion and understanding of an autistic perspective.
The audience will identify three ways in which autistic adults suggest we navigate anti-ABA sentiments.

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