APF’s Academy provides an exciting opportunity for professionals who have completed their Master’s degree that are interested in pursuing their Ph.D.


The fellowship involves:

  • 2-3 year commitment
  • Salaried position
  • Health benefits
  • Time off for graduate coursework
  • Research experience working directly with APF’s research team


Advancing professional standards and treatment of individuals with diagnosed with ASD through research and training.

  • Training professionals in the implementation of quality ABA intervention
  • Increasing knowledge of the core concepts of ABA
  • Increasing knowledge of the core features of ASD
  • Providing ongoing training to professionals via multiple modalities
  • Improving the quality of intervention available to individuals diagnosed with ASD receive
  • Increasing the general public’s understanding of ABA and ASD intervention

Meet Our Team

Commencing in August/September of 2020

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